-   ABOUT US  -

My name is Gwen Petitpierre and I have spent years growing things, making things, generally being creative with the resources I have.

For 10 years I ran a business making and selling Liquid Organic Plant Food. As well as using the feeds myself, I  shared them with my family, and between us, we have had spectacular crops of fruit and veg. As a rule, I would freeze the veg and make jams, jellies, cordials and other preserves from the fruit. My children have had these forced onto them, rather than the 'proper' jam you can buy in a supermarket, but now they are grown and make their own choices, so I have decided to put my efforts into selling what I make.


My ethos is to be as pure in food production as possible. All the fruit is either foraged by me,  bought from local Pick Your Own farms, or bought from a recognised organic source. I do use cane sugar, but where possible, it is Fair Trade, and I use Gluten Free products where applicalbe, for example, plain white vinegar in the relishes, rather than Malt vinegar.


As an extension to all this, I recycle, reclaim, innovate and build from what limited resources I have,. The upshot is that I also make platters, trays, pan stands, wine racks and all sorts of interesting household items from pirimarily wood, but also any other material that is being disposed of and would work for my purposes -  hence the Extras.

I do hope you enjoy consuming my products as much as I have making them!

Gwen's Den